Use Typekit with the Thesis Theme for WordPress

One of the things that drew me to evaluating and purchasing the Thesis theme for WordPress was the outstanding typography that seemed to be a part of every Thesis site I looked at.

Thesis Font Selection The settings for fonts are simple to use — you choose a single typeface for each option — but behind the scenes, Thesis builds a complete “font stack,” that is, a comprehensive collection of fonts to use, sorted in order of preference. This ensures that your text will look good, no matter what fonts are installed on a viewer’s computer.

For example, when you choose Georgia for your main font, behind the scenes Thesis specifies a series of fonts that are similar to Georgia:

font-family: Georgia, 'Times New Roman', Times, serif;

The variety of typefaces offered by Thesis is somewhat limited, due to the nature of fonts on the web today; there’s only a dozen or so that are “safe” to use, because everyone has them. But recently a few services have come along, which take advantage of new features in modern web browsers to offer more variety in type. Possibly the most “mature” of these (with mature being a relative term) is Typekit. But how do you use Typekit with Thesis, when Thesis only allows you to choose fonts from a pre-defined list?

It turns out that this is quite easy to accomplish. In a nutshell, you treat Typekit as a second custom.css file. There are three simple steps:

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