m0n0wall Draft Documentation

I wrote some draft documentation for the m0n0wall firewall project.

Getting Started with m0n0wall

Here’s the email I sent to the project mailing list, introducing the draft:

Although I have been following m0n0wall for quite a while, and had a Soekris box sitting on my computer stand for nearly a year, I only recently started setting up my home network to use m0n0wall.

In an effort to better understand what I was doing, and to contribute back to the project, I spent some time writing a bit of documentation for m0n0wall, a “Getting Started” guide intended for first-time users, who would likely be using it just for basic DHCP and NAT (which is all I have set up on my network so far).

Feedback and corrections very welcome.

If the reception is positive, I’d like to continue to develop docs for the project, with the intention of working on an advanced NAT section, a DMZ section, and a firewall section (among other things). Of course, for those more advanced topics, I’ll probably need to pester some of the experts on the list. ;-)

My intent is to offer these docs for integration into the official documentation of the project, but at least initially, I’m working on these independently.

I hope this is useful!