I’m Michael A. Alderete. In the early 2000s I was a contractor and consultant building web-based custom apps. I built this site as part of building that business.

It turns out I don’t like consulting, mostly the selling and client management side of it. In 2011 I took a full time job as a technical writer, and haven’t looked back. I’m still in that full time job with the same company, Salesforce.com.

I’m not going back to consulting. And my job keeps me pretty busy. And this site got pretty creaky in the 10 years I’ve neglected it! While I do hope to start writing here again, for now I’ve settled for streamlining. The blog posts can stay, but most of the rest needs to go.

Or at least hide. While they’re laughable today, nostalgia and a data packrat (hoarder?) mindset prevent me from deleting the following pages. I link to them only in the interest of full disclosure.


The kinds of work Aldosoft (I) did for seven years.


I confess that I’m rather proud of the Aldosoft (my) “methodology”.