Aldosoft builds custom web and database applications to solve customer problems that are not addressed by standard software, using robust and reliable Open Source software. We work with a number of accomplished designers to provide experienced, high-quality visual design services.

Web Application Development

We create custom web applications in Ruby on Rails, a versatile and powerful technical platform that allows us to quickly build new systems from scratch. It was created to build modern “Web 2.0”-style web applications. Rails enables rapid prototyping and iterative development, ensuring that you get to see and interact with your application from the earliest possible moment.

WordPress Customization

WordPress is a leading blogging and content management system, and a simple WordPress site can be set up in 5 minutes. But WordPress is also powerful and flexible, with an enormous ecosystem of add-on software. WordPress can do far more than a basic blog, it is terrific for content-heavy sites, like e-commerce catalogs, listings and classifieds, and online magazines. When you want to take a WordPress site to the next level, we can help.

Technical Writing

We believe no product is finished until it is well-documented. From operating systems to web applications, from the command line to user guides to customer success stories, we write about complex technical subjects in language people understand.

FileMaker Application Development

We’ve been developing database systems in FileMaker for more than 15 years.