Aldosoft has done work for a number of small- and medium-sized organizations, and a few very large ones. While we can’t list every project we’ve participated in, here are a few:

Gracewood Design
Gracewood Design is a portfolio and e-commerce site for a Portland studio making floorcloths and providing custom stenciling services.

The web site was built on top of the WordPress content management system, with e-commerce catalog design, custom plug-ins, and additional PHP code by Aldosoft. Logo and graphic design by Andrew Galli.

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Routes of Judaism
Routes of Judaism is a web application which allows students to submit and publish personal or family stories, tying them to historical periods and events.

Aldosoft was engaged by Amalgamated Industries to build the back end of the system, which is PHP interfaced to a MySQL database. The system, while fully functional and in use by a private school, is a prototype, built as part of a grant proposal to create a more complete and sophisticated system.

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The Angst-O-Meter
The Angst-O-Meter was a web application which measures Global Angst by aggregating together individual users’ angst. Aldosoft built the site as an amusement.

The Angst-O-Meter was built using HTML, PHP, PHPLIB, and the MySQL database to record users’ data and preferences. It is a project that Aldosoft worked on from start to finish, including all feature and functionality design, visual design, data model, and HTML, PHP, and SQL coding.

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