Dynamic Widget-Based Sidebars for the Thesis Theme for WordPress

29 August 2012

The Thesis theme for WordPress doesn’t give you a built-in way to customize which sidebars appear in different sections of the site. This tutorial shows you a simple, powerful method for doing exactly that, code included.

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Thesis Custom Loop Starter Template

20 January 2011

As an addition to my article on how to use the Thesis Custom Loop API, here is a Custom Loop starter template you can use for your own loops. Every loop you can customize in Thesis 1.8 is stubbed in, and comments before each method provide helpful reference information. All you need to do is replace the one-line stub methods with your own custom loop code. You can delete any loop method you’re not customizing, or leave them in place for the future; they simply apply the appropriate default Thesis loop.

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How to use the Thesis Custom Loop API

17 January 2011

In the latest release of the Thesis theme for WordPress a new feature for advanced theme customization was added called the Thesis Custom Loop API. This article explains in detail what the Custom Loop API is, where it’s useful, and how to use it.

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