Michael Alderete builds web-based applications to meet specific client requirements not addressed by off-the-shelf software systems. His focus is on clear, simple interfaces and on understanding the customer requirements through the eyes of actual users, not programmers. This allows him to create screens and workflows that are streamlined and productive, instead of frustrating. He also does a fair amount of WordPress customization for clients with more content-focused needs.

Michael has been working with the web since 1994, and programming on the web since 1995. From simple CGI scripts in AppleScript, Frontier, and Perl, he quickly became interested in web applications backed by databases, starting with FileMaker, Sybase, and today MySQL and PostgreSQL. He primarily programs in Ruby on Rails, PHP5, and FileMaker 7/8/9/10. (When pressed, he’ll admit to having coded in Java, JavaScript, Perl, ColdFusion, and Visual Basic, and even a little C, but these are not specialties.)

In addition to programming and user interface design, Michael has a decade of product design and marketing experience, and nearly 20 years of writing technical explanations for non-technical audiences.